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Sam I Am's Fiction

Because I get my kicks in all the wrong places...

Sam I Am
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I'm Sam, I'm 19 and in my first year at Durham University (my first love) reading Biology (ARGH SCARY!!!!).

I've been writing fanfiction since I was 14(maybe... I can't remember). Stargate SG-1 (when I still wrote het *chortle*), Harry Potter (when I soon gave up het for the angsty-yum of Sirius/Remus) and more recently I'm stumbling into Lord of the Rings (when the hobbits I first read about aged seven start treading a *very* different part) and further still into the dark pit of RPS (heroin has nothing on this). And most recently, Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett; Read It!

I have two wonderful co-conspirators:
- My Soulmate, snape_fan_no_1. A Potions Master who I met at the tender age of 11, corrupted at the tender age of 13 and will tenderly adore for all the ages of the world. It was love at first Titration, our eyes meeting over a bunsen burner and, not long afterwards, pictures of Michael Shanks (yum!). Truly the only person who could discern words from my inane babble (which recently have mostly consisted of 'Shire' and 'Baggins', along with 'Monaboyd'). Long may Our Shrine to Older Gorgeous Men remain and perhaps one day, we shall reach Our Utopia.

- My Soultwin, words_for_snow. A Linguisticist who appeared fully formed two years ago and, without so much as an ellipsis, became proof that I was not the only person to fall by chance into fanfiction; my sudden unforeseeable introduction to RPS via her persuasion became proof that, in fact, some individuals originally fall harder than others and that some, like my reluctant self, just need a well-meaning shove! To the North-East I shall follow her, where together we shall sing like only real women can (as altos)! After all, who else can convey emotion without even singing the lyrics (Can You Feel the Love Tonight? comes to mind - "Mummela Ela-oh-ey!").

Currently all my ficcy-adventures (that are worth reading) are being posted here and (hopefully) I will begin posting a Monaboyd epic, written with much guidance and encouragement from the aforementioned conspirators, called "Sky of Blue, Sea of Green" in a separate community. Let's see if I can get enough inspiration and motivation to finish it!

DISCLAIMER: First of all, Some of the stories below contain SLASH (man on man) and also Scenes of a Sexual Nature! (and may contain lots of other sinful things in the future!) If this is not your cup of tea, don't blame me for eye-burning and general innocence-stealing! If this is your cup of tea, I heartily offer you a hobnob!

In the case of fictional character fiction, I don't own 'em, I just toy with them for my own perverse enjoyment. In the case of fiction about real people, MOST of it is not real (except in my head), they'd probably be highly disturbed to read it, but it's for our eyes only, yeah? ;) I don't make any money from this; all I do get are cuddles and chocolates from my slash-whore co-conspirators/Best Friends.

Enjoy, play nice and give me lots and lots of Feedback!